During the Day

You can find me building and launching cutting edge technology solutions for restaurants at Presto.

On Nights and Weekends

I design apps geared towards creating more fulfilling lives for ourselves by making intentional digital experiences that prioritize serotonin over dopamine at Serotonin Studios.

At the moment, I’m currently working a personal task management app that focuses helping you accomplish your most important goals by placing emphasis on:

  • Limiting the number of goals you can work on
  • Making it easy to break down these goals into tasks/milestones
  • Prioritizing these tasks into manageable chunks of work with time-blocking

Unlike todo list apps that have never-ending lists, my intention with this first app is to help you feel accomplished, not just productive.

Currently Learning

Inspired by my friend, Joseph Kim, I decided to take the plunge into learning iOS Development and Swift this year from the highly recommended Dr. Angela Yu on Udemy.

Current Reading

Right now, I’m in the process of finishing Yoga for a World out of Balance. I discovered it through Johnny Miller‘s Curious Humans podcast. Similar to a select few books I have read in the past, it has a very high signal to noise ratio in terms the amount of wisdom that is packed per page. In today’s unprecedented times, the holistic perspective the book provides is a refreshing break from the everyday reductionistic mindset; highly recommended.

Interested in working together or have recommendations? I’d love to hear from you.